What are you grateful for?

A happy new year and welcome to 2021!

What a year we just had, if you are reading this, I am thankful that you made it as no one anticipated the whirlwind that we survived in the form of COVID-19. I remember January 2020, my husband and I had made all these plans but with time and growing need to reassess our hopes and aspirations for the year, we are just thankful to be alive come January 1, 2021.

Reflecting on the past year and specifically on gratitude is something I feel is really important because it creates a culture of appreciating the little things that we may have taken for granted. This is a habit I have consciously developed over the last few years but decided in the last year, to practice it with my children. I felt it was a much-needed exercise for them to develop the heart of giving thanks even when things appeared not to be going how they would prefer. Let’s just say I was trying to teach them the art of “finding light in the dark” because life isn’t a bed of roses.

However, this year, in honesty, I wasn’t prepared for the answers I got so I guess my biggest lesson is “be careful what you ask for”. Throughout the pandemic and lockdown, I had not really thought to ask my girls how they had been impacted by the changes happening around them. Even I had not stopped to think about how it had impacted me, let alone anyone else around me. We were all literally in survival mode. Yes, we talked about it a lot, because frankly, what else was there to talk about, but now I know, I didn’t fully appreciate how deeply it affected my children.

So we get to the gratitude party as I will refer to it, we sit down in a nice circle, then with full optimism, I asked confidently “So Tumi and Toni, its New years day, 1st day in 2021, have you had a chance to think about what you are grateful for?”

My younger daughter Toni went first, “Of course mummy, I have a lot to be grateful for.”

Wide-eyed and with enthusiasm filling my heart, I asked: “so tell me what you are grateful for then”.

She says with clarity listing a number of things I naturally expected her to say “family, school, and friends”. Then she says, “I am also grateful that God is giving me a new beginning because Corona took too much from me last year”.

Musing Pam: What are you Grafteful for?
Ha!!!! Say what young lady?

Ha!!!! Say what young lady?

She sat up and with all seriousness, and said:
“Mummy, Corona has been the worst thing to ever happen to me. I haven’t been able to do anything I love; it took away my best friend too”. You see, the girls moved to a new school and they didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to their friends properly. Again; another loss I hadn’t processed how deeply it had affected them, although I talked them through the reasons for the change.

Now at this point, it is a crying fest. I looked at my older daughter who turned 10 in December and asked her “do you feel this way too?”

And not sure why I asked because at that moment it dawned on me that the changes that had occurred in the last year were quite significant not only for me but actually more for them.

They both cried for a bit while I let them rest their heads on my chest and consoled them. But nothing was going to spoil this gratitude party.

When they calmed, I looked at them and said “Sorry I never asked how you felt about all these changes and I am glad we talked about it today. I am so proud of how well you two got through it, you are my super-heroes”.

We talked about the need to look beyond our current circumstance and be grateful for life; how change is constant in life so Corona will not last forever and the need to stay strong together so when it is over, we can celebrate the new things we have learnt.

This exercise has only reinforced what I am hoping to build with my children, which is creating the culture to have a voice, unpick and make sense of the things that happen to us even when it makes no sense to anyone else. I can say, we had a blast in the end and our gratitude party was a hit.

Next stop, our vision board parry! Now that will be a story for another day, but for now, I wish you all a fulfilling year ahead.

In 2020, we lost, we gained, opportunities came and went but one thing remains, God has been so good to me and my family, for that alone, I am super grateful.
“Gratitude turns what we have into enough”

6 thoughts on “What are you grateful for?”

  1. Amazing piece! 2020 was for me and my family, a test of our humanity, we realized how much of each other we need and how worthless life could mean without significant relationships and associations. I saw how priceless a handshake is, a warm embrace, a friendly visit and those other things, we hitherto took for granted. I’m grateful for life and the amazing people around me!

  2. Lovely one Pam. 2020 was the year of the invaluable. The way unimportant things started dropping like flies. It was the year it actually clicked that no plans can be made without God, this one pass just saying it to sound religious, because it was a literal something lol! A year to be grateful and thankful for meaningful relationships. 2021 let Your will be done oh Lord.

    Nice one Pam. Big hugs girls…

  3. 2020!!! It taught me FAMILY. Trust me the bare understanding of family being by blood sometimes isn’t really a justification. But most importantly GOD is the greatest. I am mot much of a reader I am sure you know this but this one held me to the last word. I appreciate everything that 2020 was because it was a big lesson for everyone. I am grateful for most of the end of the year because Even in the turbulence some form of peace was the order of my day. God bless us all. 2021 is hear. 2020 can only be a story.

  4. Well done Pam👏and im so proud of our Toni and Tumi🤗
    Lets continue praying for a better year in fact 2021 we have to smille more then cry, we need our lifes back! I’m so grateful for our lifes and more grateful for having a sista like you 🥰
    God bless us, our children’s and our lovely families in Jesus name today and always!
    💋 😘
    Love uuu

  5. Macauley Coker Asin

    Pam Pam that’s a nice one and many thanks for the question.
    Gratitude is a spiritual and social virtue, we should all embrace because it spins life so positively and add great values when we least expect. Recall what the word of God says, for everything, give thanks to God.
    For 2020, l remain eternally grateful to God for keeping my family members, staff, close friends, associates alive and empowering us to wither the economic storm.
    Seeing seconds beyond 12 midnight December 31st, was by God’s grace and mercy and indeed His grace and mercy alone and therefore humbly grateful to Him.
    Remain blessed.

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